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Growing cannabis can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it requires some knowledge and attention. Check out our huge selection of cannabis growing articles, where you'll find everything you need to start growing your own plants. From basic information on growing techniques to the use of fertilizers, pruning methods and much more, you will find everything you need to become an expert in cannabis cultivation.
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Discover our delicious marijuana recipes for creative and exclusive cuisine. Prepare unique and tasty dishes using the best cannabis products, and let yourself be conquered by the unique sensations that only cooking with marijuana can give. Click here to access our recipe page and start experimenting with the flavors and effects of cannabis in the kitchen!
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Hi everyone! We are Grace Genetics, the seed bank founded in 2017. We are here to share our passion for cannabis with you through guides, information on strains and grow products, medicinal use stories and delicious recipes. Our blog also contains articles on the current legal situation of marijuana in Spain, Europe and around the world, but remember that growing cannabis is illegal in many countries and we don't want to encourage anyone to break the local law. Thanks for following us!

You will also find current articles discussing the unstoppable legalization of marijuana in Spain, Europe and the world. In our marijuana blog, you will get to know the current legal situation by country. If you are a beginner and want to know the best cultivation techniques firsthand and without filters, you are in the right place! How to grow marijuana indoors and outdoors, when to grow marijuana in winter, how to save on electricity bills or tips on how to get denser and more resinous buds… if you read our blog articles you won't make the same mistakes we did in the past , you will save a lot of time and you will always get to the point of getting the best results

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Among our wide selection of marijuana seeds there are the best varieties in the world, both for concentrations of cannabinoids and for the remarkable historical fame, such as the White Widow, the Amnesia Haze, obviously both high in THC, as well as high percentages of legal cannabis. Now, therefore, the choice is up to the grower, our seeds are just waiting for the moment to germinate and give the maximum power for which they were created.