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How To Make A Cannabis Mojito

What is Cannabis Mojito? The Marijuana Mojito is a variant of the classic Mojito cocktail that uses cannabis inflorescences as an additional ingredient to obtain a mojito that produces the much desired psychoactive effects caused by the THC. In this hot summer there is nothing better than a refreshing drink that allows […]

The Best Malta Coffee Shops of 2023

Are there Coffee Shops in Malta? Yes, in Malta there are some coffee shops where you can buy marijuana. The emergence of coffee shops Malta stems from the legalization of cannabis in Malta for recreational use and for medical use in December 2021. In fact, after the legalization of marijuana, Malta continues to [...]

Test THC and the New Highway Code 2023

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In Italy, after numerous cases of driving accidents, new rules of the new highway code have recently been introduced. These rules issued by the Minister of Transport "Matteo Salvini" aim to minimize accidents caused by irresponsible drivers. In the new highway code 2023 also entered into force [...]

How Many Grams Do Autoflowering Plants Produce?

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Autoflowering cannabis plants are among the most cultivated varieties in the whole world, obviously thanks to the speed of their life cycle, both indoors and outdoors. The legends circulating on the web tend to ruin the reputation of autoflowering cannabis by discriminating against it above all for its final yields, but this is obviously fake news. […]

How to Make a DIY Bong in 5 Step by Step

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Bong What is it? The Bong is a tool used to filter and cool the smoke while consuming substances such as legal cannabis, hashish or concentrates. It is a very popular item among smoke lovers, thanks to its ability to offer a smoother and more pleasant smoking experience than other consumption modalities. The […]

Terpenes: What Are They and Where Do They Come From?

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Terpenes are a large class of organic compounds that occur widely in nature and are responsible for the distinctive aromas of cannabis plants. Terpenes play a significant role in marijuana, providing attractive scents and aromas to insects and serving as a defense against the plants themselves. But what are terpenes exactly and from […]

Recipe on How to Make Marijuana Brownies

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What are Weed Brownies? Weed Brownies, also known as cannabis brownies or marijuana brownies, are chocolate marijuana sweets. These marijuana sweets are considered a common form of edibles that contain psychoactive ingredients derived from the cannabis plant, such as the active ingredient (THC🇧🇷 🇧🇷

How To Grow Cannabis Plants In 7 Steps

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Growing cannabis plants can be a rewarding experience for gardening enthusiasts and those looking to grow their own marijuana. In this article, we'll walk you through the basic steps to growing cannabis plants successfully, providing tips and recommendations along the way. Step 1: Planning and Preparation In the first step, […]

Cannabis Withdrawal: How Long It Lasts And How To Overcome It

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What is Cannabis Withdrawal? Cannabis withdrawal, also known as marijuana withdrawal syndrome, is a set of physical and psychological symptoms that can occur when a person stops using cannabis or significantly reduces its use after a period of regular and prolonged use. Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that contains […]

Hemp Pellets: The Most Economical and Sustainable Solution

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What is Hemp Pellet? Hemp pellets are a type of solid fuel made by compressing the fibers and residues of the hemp plant. Hemp pellets are produced using mainly the hemp residues from the textile industry or from growing hemp for other purposes. These residues, like the stems […]